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At the peak of the excess liquidity that the country experienced up to 2016, the central bank would accept almost P200 billion in tenders from banks every week -an indication of just how much unproductive funds were circulating in the financial system, which the BSP had to sterilize to keep the inflation rate in check.
The Brightline Initiative is a coalition of global organizations dedicated to helping executives bridge the expensive and unproductive gap between strategy design and strategy delivery.
He said that funds that can be invested in the industry are moving towards unproductive sectors increased imports and decreased exports.
Celik and Cavusoglu, in Brussels for high-level talks with EU Foreign Affairs commissioner Federica Mogherini and enlargement chief Johannes Hahn, blamed Cyprus and called on reporters to ask the Italian commissioner "who was productive and who was unproductive at Crans-Montana".
Responding to the recent allegations raised by the EU on extending human rights sanctions against Iran, the foreign ministry spokesman said the Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns repeated and detrimental approach as well as adopting double-standard policies and instrumental use of human rights issues such as unilateral and illegal extension of sanctions under the pretext of violation of human rights which are doomed to failure and unproductive.
Bearing in mind the situation in the country, the Government needs to cut all unproductive costs and delay projects that could be implemented in a year or two as soon as possible.
Yes Bank head Rana Kapoor said, 'With regard to the banking industry, institutionalising a strong and robust bankruptcy code will provide further support to the government's reform measures by unlocking the unproductive capital stuck in the economy.
Those surveyed also said they felt they were unproductive for a total of 70 days a year; only feeling they achieved something on average 3.
Mastering the Art of Quitting: Why it Matters in Life, Love, and Work argues that most successful people are able to distance themselves from unproductive goals and create better ones, and it uses the latest research in business and psychology to examine why people persist on futile paths and how to identify and separate from unproductive goals.
His unproductive monopoly of set-plays has become a focus of concerted chuntering.
In a statement to the press on Wednesday, May 1, he said that it is, "Regrettable Kobler has become an unproductive and his attempts to rectify the situation in Iraq are useless, there are human rights violations against prisoners and outside the prisons, and recently we have noted restraints on the media, which is strange.
This collection of writings on institutional entrepreneurship, one of a series, provides preparatory background on the topic and concentrates on the classifications of productive and unproductive entrepreneurship.