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In terms of the economy, both ran away from the Inter-national monetary Fund (IMF), spent unproductively and drowned in corruption.
Tolerating excessive numbers of unused places (which could be removed) means that school resources are tied up unproductively.
I remember one mother of three whose body labored erratically, unproductively with baby number four.
The good news is we always create more and better jobs for those who are providing the tools to do those things that the previous jobs did unproductively.
In Lithuania, the main crops cover the soil for 60-70% of the warm period (when positive daily air temperature is above +5[degrees]C), and the rest of this period (30-40%) is used unproductively when physical and chemical soil degradation occurs.
1995)5, unproductively caught up in the notorious Baudrillardian "nature of virtuality" or in Sherry Turkle's "culture of simulation" (6).
As a result, a lot of time and resources are used unproductively.
Now cash is indeed king and working capital is getting a higher priority than ever, so tying up cash unproductively has become an acute pain point.
The Commission's members claim that the government can get hold of at least 492,000 hectares of land-most of which are being used unproductively.
As United continued to toil unproductively, there were a few groans but most were drowned out by the encouragement that has underscored this uplifting season.
encountered--lyricism is unproductively held apart from narrativity,