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Even as unprofaned implies a purity that sacralizes pure sound, Wordsworth's formative poetics evoke Milton's most profane, most sublime image--Death itself--as a ghostly language in this gothic atmosphere: "black it stood as Night" (Paradise Lost 11.
Repeatedly through the poem we are "shown" "whate'er there is of power in sound / To breathe an elevated mood, by form / Or image unprofaned .
Through years of toil and soil and care, From glossy tress to thin, grey hair, All unprofaned she held apart The virgin fancies of her heart [127]
He exclaimed, without making any attempt to conceal his pride, that he had never watched even a single episode of America's favorite TV sit-com, a revelation that moved me to envy his mind that had remained virginal and unprofaned by a show whose emptyheadedness was exceeded only by its bad taste.
The Mariposa stands," he wrote in his articles for the Boston Evening Transcript, "as the Creator fashioned it, unprofaned except by fire.