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The teacher has accepted in front of the jury he acted unprofessionally in emailing and sending texts to the girl.
I just feel the whole thing was very unprofessionally handled.
A Nursing and Midwifery Council hearing ruled that Richard Davies, 39, had acted unprofessionally, although concluded there were no sexual motives to his behaviour.
But the governors said he acted unprofessionally and brought the school into disrepute.
She has short, light brown hair which does not cover the ears and appears to have been cut unprofessionally.
He was very nice, easy to chat to, and didn't mind giving me the autograph that I very unprofessionally asked for.
In particular, he suggested that Mr Newell had acted unprofessionally, by failing to commit himself to Birmingham City or to train or play as determindedly as a top-flight professional should.
When applicants are treated unprofessionally, the professionalism of the whole company is placed in doubt.
She's acting unprofessionally, so you need to tackle this problem as soon as possible.
The ultimate insult would be to be accused of acting unprofessionally.
Hosken, who lives with his librarian girlfriend Lisa Venning, has admitted acting unprofessionally and inappropriately in contacting the girl by phone and computer.
NEIGHBOURS (BBC1) Janae is heartbroken when Karl doesn't attend her basketball game, and wreaks revenge by telling Janelle he has been behaving unprofessionally toward her.