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Phase 2 shows the reassertion of time preferences and the unprofitability of investment projects Phase 3 depicts the necessary corrections.
There are twelve sub scales namely role overload, role ambiguity, role conflict, group and political pressures, responsibility for persons, under participation, powerless ness, poor peer relations, intrinsic impoverishment, low status, strenuous working conditions, and unprofitability.
Colombo, July 17 (Xinhua-ANI): Sri Lanka is finalizing plans to end the age-old telegram service citing unprofitability due to e- mail and other forms of communication, a minister said here on Tuesday.
While the Web-based drug store retailer had a long history of unprofitability, it was doing some $456 million in annual sales and was ranked as the eighth-largest e-tailer in the United States by Internet Retailer magazine at the time of the April acquisition.
Instead, the concurrent drop suggests it is the result of something affecting all investors, the poor business climate, high political risk, or the unprofitability of operating in Myanmar.
Based on known interactions between hosts and parasitoids, substrate vibrations that are emitted by the host can interfere with parasitoid search cues or signal unprofitability (high search and handling costs) to parasitoids (Djemai et al.
Banks are reluctant to accept dividend-paying equity in the airline given its unprofitability, the report said.
Since then the combination of foot-and-mouth, long-running unprofitability and the de-coupling of subsidies has done much to erode sheep numbers in Wales.
Since then the combination of Foot and Mouth, long-running unprofitability and the de-coupling of subsidies has done much to erode sheep numbers in Wales.
to prove unprofitability, in addition to written furlough agreements signed with employees.
This is a rather common occurrence in the Alps, where low timber values and high extraction costs are the root cause of forest unprofitability.
Although an unprofitable technology company pursuing an IPO is not new (Pandora was not turning a profit when it went public earlier this year), Groupon is unusual for its mix of unprofitability and high valuation.