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First, all utilities are legally obligated to serve virtually everyone, despite the known unprofitability of certain customers and customer groups.
The company suffered two years of unprofitability, worsened by wild fluctuations in the price of flour and the slowdown in the economy.
The banks are reluctant to provide credit to landless, small and marginal sample households due to unprofitability, high risk, and high uncertainty.
Millions starve each year while the food that can feed them, produced in abundance, rots due to the unprofitability of feeding the "wretched of the earth.
The decision to close the local service was made reluctantly due to its unprofitability in recent years, said Senior Managing Editor John Daniszewski.
Joe Smith, owner of ABC Construction, was not happy with his firm's unprofitability.
S, there is indicated that the unprofitability of a private legal entity is a cause to embark on an investigation of the legal entity's activities.
The fine chemicals business of Asahi Kasei Pharma, which performs the production and sale of coenzyme Q10, has thus been placed in a position of continuing unprofitability.
Particularly in the US, refiners have returned to the state of chronic unprofitability that plagued the industry before 2005.
This past February, the Munich factory of Agfa met its downfall in a spectacular but quite deliberate explosion, thanks to the unprofitability of film-based photography.
increases that others perceived the unprofitability and did not invest