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Consolidated had unprofitably extended credit to a broad range of borrowers, from home buyers to large and small businesses in various industries.
A generous range of texts is discussed, with admirable flexibility in relation to the genetic boundaries which are so often unprofitably invoked in the study of medieval lyrics and other shorter forms.
We are sad your reviewer spent the short time he allotted us so unprofitably and mostly in waiting.
Often, individual flagship stores, as with those found on Bond Street, do trade unprofitably.
Allegations abound that audit fees are often set unprofitably low to establish client relationships and then sell other services.
They exacerbate managerial tendencies to expand unprofitably, to avoid risk at all costs, and to avoid biting the bullet and forcing organizational change when markets and technologies have shifted.
Ritchie's dreams of punk music stardom proceed slowly and unprofitably, and he turns a few tricks to make ends meet.
But if prices are unprofitably low, they will lead to monopoly, which will mean that the pursuit of private ends no longer leads to the public good.
The result, says Brian, is that it can often take private landlords an unprofitably long time to rent these properties.
165) Not only is the incentive for profit and loss important, but private property also ensures that a producer's control over the means of production corresponds to whether the property is used profitably or unprofitably.
To you, am I a June bug rolled on its back, feet flying unprofitably on air?
It has been a year of excessive labor & fatigue & unprofitably so.