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To speak with severe technicality, a ship or a fleet is "brought up" - the complementary words unpronounced and unwritten being, of course, "to an anchor.
ISES (plural of is, that which is; in W3 unpronounced, but in BWE is=-es)
in this essay is called a "denuded definite description," a definite description with an unpronounced definite article.
In contrast, with several exceptions, axially oriented costal phytoliths primarily characterize the PACMAD clade and the BEP subfamily Pooideae (Table 1), though the degree of axial elongation is highly variable and can be relatively unpronounced.
A cut flower dies the moment the pruning shears separate it from the root, yet its death often goes unpronounced until its rotting has noticeably progressed.
The Egyptian case served as an example of a litmus test for this obvious yet unpronounced division between Turkey and the Gulf.
This claim aligns with certain views of 'implicit content', where, in the right context, unpronounced material can be part of the content of what is said when a sentence is asserted.
Quotes' response to the report will probably be unpronounced since Gazprom has reported only Q1 results.
Curiously, the concluding, yet unpronounced, couplets of the poem resonate with a sense of political engagement:
CDA does not look at a problem at its face value but it uses its searchlight on some likely unpronounced factors that might have elicited or contributed to the problem.
the adjectivization (the angles and lighting); and the specific conventions of the comicographic language of the balloon: the unpronounced sounds, the visualized metaphors, onomatopoeias, and kinetic figures.
Yet, as unpronounced as this makes him on multiple religious belonging, the ample scholarly output he has produced (as a theological elite) is rich enough to provide a framework for theorizing it.