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My information from Richmond is very unpropitious to federal policy.
The Rock suggests that the unpropitious modern present is not very different from any other time: "The Church must be forever building, for it is forever decaying within and attacked from without" (21).
Elliot's great coat "over the pannel" at an unpropitious moment, blocking the more important coat--the Elliot coat of arms--from view; and to the fact that the servant is in mourning: thus, he is not dressed in livery.
Similarly, although in the third and fourth novelle of the day extreme violence is lacking, the strained and unpropitious circumstances preceding the tales' marriages are ever present.
The study tying longer TDF use to three unpropitious kidney outcomes in US veterans raised the additional concern that these ill-trending renal markers did not improve readily when TDF stops.
Given that unpropitious legacy, the actions of this Government to reduce the deficit and start to rebuild the economy are, I believe, all the more remarkable.
It is a story about hope in unpropitious circumstances; the hope embodied in a long awaited Messiah who arrives in the most unexpected way surrounded by danger.
Here as elsewhere in his work, trees are in effect Schmidt's heroes, demonstrating how survival is possible in unpropitious circumstances.
manufacturing sector at an extremely unpropitious time and would have saved virtually no taxpayer money.
Whilst our position within the Milky Way, in the midst of a disc of obscuring dust, is especially unpropitious for observing supernovae within it, search programs for supernovae in other galaxies are almost certainly plagued by similar incompleteness.
Jones's quest for liturgical, analogical order in an unpropitious age, outlined above, and his battle against the "will toward power" and its immanentist order, can fruitfully be considered in conversation with William F.
His fortune was jeopardized as he might be forced to sell assets at unpropitious times in order to meet the demands of liability holders.