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The idea that creation came about through glorious chance, and that evolution explains everything from fossils to our genetic structure, is unprovable.
Faith and the creative process of reaching for an unprovable truth are survival skills.
It is a lie based on an unprovable and mythical claim," he told worshippers at Tehran University at the end of an annual anti-Israel "Qods (Jerusalem) Day" rally.
We need a way to pray for Isabel and the only way that makes any sense is the nonsensical, illogical, unreasonable, insupportable, unprovable conviction that one time a long time ago a thin young mysterious eloquent Jewish man was crucified and died and then he came alive again in a way that no one understood then and no one understands now.
It may be that's unprovable," he says, because there are so many variables and randomized trials seem impossible.
have proven the unprovable fact that not only do I have a heart but it
The changes are in line with recommendations the DAV provided the Veterans Benefits Administration, putting both clinical and unprovable symptoms in play.
They refer to the history of plant (aka herbal) medicine as "haphazard," and they label anything unprovable as "implausible" or "meaningless.
Till, presented evidence for adult neurogenesis in 1963, the older scientific "belief" was relegated to history, and was now pejoratively called "dogma"--something flimsy, merely based on blind, unsound, untrue, and scientifically unprovable assumptions.
While I leave it to others to point out how much of Carroll's "model" consists of unproven, even unprovable hypotheses, most still actively in dispute, Carroll knows perfectly well that his summary is inadequate for any purpose beyond piquing the interest of the uninformed.
But in most such instances the several suggestions remain equally plausible, or implausible, and the case remains unprovable.
By defining (but never proving) the partiality and inadequacy of human reason as it has been used in modern times against the authenticity of the Christian narrative, unprovable by definition, the pontiff denies truth the opportunity to offer itself up to rational inquiry.