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FBI releases its Frank Sinatra files The FBI opened its Frank Sinatra files yesterday, releasing more than 1,200 pages of documents touching on his mob ties, unproved allegations of ties to the Communist Party, and a mug shot from his 1938 arrest on seduction charges.
The situation becomes particularly emotional (and litigious) when it involves a patient with cancer who may have exhausted all other treatment options and a promising but unproved therapy - for example, high-dose chemotherapy - is offered as the only hope of cure.
FORT WORTH, Texas -- RANGE RESOURCES CORPORATION (NYSE: RRC) announced today that its estimated unrisked unproved resource potential ("unproved resource potential") as of December 31, 2012 increased to 48 - 68 Tcfe, up from 47 - 66 Tcfe at year-end 2011.
Probable reserves are unproved reserves that the Company believes are more likely than not to be recoverable.
From "The Glass Closet" by Sandra Kobrin and Jason Levin, reporting on the firing of lesbian WNBA player Latasha Byears after unproved allegations of sexual assault, in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, August 21
However, since the role of CRP in inflammation remains unclear and its link to hypertension unproved, doctors should be careful about prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs--which can have side effects--on the basis of a high CRP reading, says physician Marvin Moser of Yale University School of Medicine.
The suggestion that the group lures its fans into exploring the music of their numerous antecedents goes unproved.
Although proponents of chelation therapy hypothesize that chelation with ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid might improve ischemia by liberating the calcium in atheromatous plaques, the results of this study show that chelation "remains unproved in the treatment of ischemic heart disease," the investigators said (JAMA 287[4]:481-86, 2001).
It also "discriminates against females" and "is based on unproved and unprovable assumptions.
Thus, the claim that the "pattern" of killing "evolved out of carnival itself" appears, in the end, as a boldly interesting, but largely unproved suggestion.
These calculations do not include interests in FWPP Wells that are categorized as unproved reserves (i.
Please note that petroleum resources have much less certainty of future recovery than unproved reserves.