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From governments, from funding agencies, how can we have this plan move this unproven medicine to medicines that are experimented in the field to make an impact possibly on the epidemic, but certainly also on the lives of the people who have to fight the epidemic.
Unproven treatments using a mixture of the patient s own (autologous) cells are also being offered by private clinics in Australia.
But scientists said Stamina's treatment was unproven and risky.
The NWHN believes women need to know about the unproven claims for natural hormones and supports the FDA's actions.
Unproven therapies can be harmful in a number of ways:
On the other side of the debate, some researchers worry that patients will expose themselves to more risk by taking unproven drugs.
Currently, the club has snapped up a fair number of young, unproven players, but they seem to be more hungry and motivated to progress into first team.
For an unproven jockey, getting a Derby contender is a matter of latching onto a young horse on the way up and then continuing to make no mistakes as the animal keeps winning.
I stated, for example, that the basic mechanism of the emergence of human immunodeficiency virus "is still unproven," that "there is some evidence" for Salmonella drug resistance being acquired from fish farms in Asia, that the widely accepted belief that mad cow disease originated from scrapie in sheep is "still just a hypothesis," and that "perhaps" an infected person first introduced West Nile virus into the United States.
To establish their warrior credentials, Democrat and Republican alike vote for unproven and unnecessary weapons systems and maximum-security prisons destined to house nonviolent drug offenders.
While the ruling will likely force the company to create an industry-approved version of its site, Napster has been pursuing such a solution for some time, even though the financial viability of such a site model is unproven.