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But, as his publishers, we recognise the value to the city of the generous unpublicised support he gives to many local associations and authors.
Derry cannot afford another management crisis but there has been unpublicised criticism of the tactics deployed by Brian Mullins prior to their defeat.
Conscious as we are, however, of the fragility of public confidence, and of the traditional resistance of racing to change, our policy has always been the gradual, unpublicised introduction of our graduates into the corridors of racing power.
The fact is that, largely unpublicised, Oxfam has gradually been redirecting some of its spending for the last three years, into what it deems to be a growing problem of "domestic deprivation".
At the same time, the government is progressing with an ambitious yet unpublicised programme to retrofit some of its oldest properties.
Coinciding with the celebrations is another, unpublicised milestone: the A380 is about to reach the mid-way point in deliveries of planes ordered since its launch, leaving fewer left to build than are in service.
AFTER reading Jason McCartney's current Conservative leaflet regarding the good work he has done for local charities, job fairs, etc, I would just like to add a mention of the unpublicised work that he does.
Eventually the case was settled out of court in unpublicised hearings under the eye of the London underwriters.
San Francisco: Personal data including text messages, contact lists and photos can be extracted from iPhones through previously unpublicised techniques by Apple employees, the company acknowledged this week.
Yet, unless Cardiff and RCT have been making extraordinary steps behind the scenes to make this possible - and obtained the unpublicised assurance of the Welsh Government that a planning inspector will accept this - this won't be contained in the LDP.
Shortly after he assumed the presidency in 2007, Sarkozy underwent a minor operation, unpublicised at the time, to remove a throat abscess.
Data collected for this report is likely to be just a small portion of the true picture of one million dollar giving, as much of the philanthropy in the Middle East goes unpublicised.