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Many cable company representatives are more than willing to adjust the prices for their customers by offering them unpublicized, special deals and promotions.
Also, despite the criticism that may be implicit in some of these pages we have to assume there exists in the Pentagon an unpublicized master intellect that is making things work.
The result is as fresh and engaging seventy years later as the day it happened, shining a fresh light on an otherwise unpublicized chapter of World War II.
There is a form of unpublicized understanding between the two sides, with doctors and pharmacists continuing their work in hospitals in the city without being subject to harassment while also continuing to receive their government salaries.
According to the administration, the rules cover various information, materials and news products that journalists may deal with during their work, including state secrets, commercial secrets and unpublicized information.
On the balance of probabilities, yes," the previously unpublicized FIFA report said, according to the newspaper.
With the declaration of its own HFO-based refrigerant based on the hitherto unpublicized molecule HFO 1123 the Japan s Asahi Glass Company has followed up its production venture with Honeywell on the automotive refrigerant R1234yf.
At least three more US retailers suffered unpublicized attacks similar to the one on Target and the extent of the credit card data breach during the holiday season might be larger than previously thought.
Mikdad pointed out that several European countries contacted the Syrian government and sent unpublicized delegations to Damascus to discuss issues related to people from these countries who are participating in terrorist operations in Syria, noting that these countries are concerned over the possibility of these terrorists' returning to their countries of origin.
The store has already opened its doors to the public in south Arlington in a largely unpublicized soft opening.
Many more instances of religious bigotry go unpublicized.
His death followed that of astronaut Sally Ride, whose obituary revealed the previously unpublicized fact that she was a lesbian.