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almost impersonal and certainly quite unpunishable.
knows how many unpunishable things like the times as a boy he'd
Many of the worst attacks against a bank's security remain unpunishable by law in Nigeria.
At the root of Europe's fiscal woes are not everyday policy miscalculations, but deep structural problems that are hard to fix: a social contract beset by high welfare expenditures, including large agricultural subsidies, troubled social security systems across the continent due to an aging citizenry and high unemployment rates, and nonoverlapping monetary and fiscal jurisdictions rendering threats to common currency by rogue members nearly unpunishable.
Above, the children loudly barked with laughter as they flew across the southern sky in new sneakers, caroming off some zodiacal animals, describing orbits around one another, sounding unpunishable to those below.
There is somewhat of a circular process involved here, since the lack of enjoyment of universal favor allows for/permits the articulation of damning attributions, while such attributions become the basis for withholding universal favor: there is just something that is not quite right about the social subject, which allows for games like "smear the queer" to kick in and to be permissible and unpunishable.
1939) ("[I]t is plainly evident that if capital punishment were abolished and the bloodcurdling assaults [earlier described by the author as "fiendish crimes of low-grade types of Negroes"] were unpunishable by death, mob violence would be supreme.
Allowing aggression to remain unpunishable would be a triumph of Power over Reason.
The logic of the steps taken by us right now is dictated by these circumstances, we will not allow an unpunishable loss of lives of our citizens.
essentially unpunishable within-prison homicides of guards and fellow
Maria, therefore, cannot choose to interpret Joe's action as an unpunishable private wrong.