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MILITIAMEN and renegade soldiers have raped and beaten thousands of women in eastern Congo, and nearly all the crimes have gone unpunished by the country's broken judicial system, an international human rights group said yesterday.
What an epitaph: ``Good friend to labor,'' especially the city employee unions that have received three-day workweeks, healthy pay raises and such lax workplace discipline that workers can steal from the city and go unpunished.
Although Judge Kent recognized that, absent class certification, Nationwide's and Twentieth Century's "egregious behavior may go essentially unpunished because of the prohibitive expense of prosecuting small claims individually," he ruled that each individual investor's case would have to be tried separately, rather than as a class action, because "controlling precedent from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ties the hands of the Court on the issue of class certification.
Lisa Fagan from FoE said: "The fish kill remains unpunished because not one of the fish was analysed to determine which pollutant had killed them.
Yet in East Lothian, especially in Tranent, Haddington and in Dunbar, there are some truly shocking displays of parking on a daily basis, but they go unpunished with not a parking attendant in sight.
Stephen Philpott, chief executive of the society, said: ''The act of barbarity must not go unpunished and I would appeal to anyone with information that may help the society identify those responsible to call our helpline on 028 90814242 or contact the USPCA Welfare Officer Alan Ward on 07881 788501.
What goes around comes around, and one good turn deserves another; but no good deed ever goes unpunished.
It seems important to me that the kidnap pers should not be allowed to escape unpunished.
An unlucky 7% got caught the act, although most of escaped unpunished according to the survey of 30,000 workers by Elle magazine.
Vann would not go unpunished, settled on the $26 million award because they felt it would not be overturned on appeal.
MORE than 99 per cent of crimes go unpunished by our courts, it was claimed yesterday.
The anarchy began last year, when the city's Police Commission made the mistake of actually trying to improve public safety in Los Angeles - unwittingly proving the old saying that no good deed goes unpunished.