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I want to call on Nigerians who are eligible to vote to take advantage of the ongoing Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) to register in order to vote for leaders of proven integrity and unquestionable characters, ' he said.
Sydney [Australia], Jan 20 ( ANI ): Former Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi has urged Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios to find a coach for himself if he wants to fulfil his unquestionable potential.
It's unquestionable to even think he's not in that best XI.
moving and unquestionable case against tmammals being held in captivity.
Mugabe said Zimbabwe enjoyed peace and stability because of the security forces' unquestionable discharge" of their role in defending the country's sovereignty as well as maintaining law and order.
Mandy was a superb leader, with an unquestionable passion for the task she was undertaking of raising money for a children's hospice.
Soldiers, sailors and airmen fighting for any country require unquestionable ballistic protection for their bodies and eyesight--the latter being one area often overlooked.
From reflecting on the phenomenon of child prodigies in "Wunderkindergarten", to a tongue-in-cheek suggestion of how the degree to which a woman enjoys James Joyce's novels can be used to estimate her level of arrogance, to the unquestionable dominance the automobile has claimed in modern American culture, Solve for X ranges the gamut of introspection, insight, and at times, crushing criticism.
The Americans won the trophy for three successive years between 2003 and 2005 and successfully retained the title thanks to a draw in Rotterdam 12 months ago, so they are the unquestionable favourites.
ABSENT parents have an unquestionable duty to maintain their children, but what about the rights of the father who, after being forced to leave home, pays maintenance but, on the whim of his ex, is not allowed to see his children?
It is unquestionable that El Tojo publicly exposed the improvisational possibilities of the trombone, an instrument that had been largely neglected in his native country until the samurai-looking villareno (native of Las Villas Province) came to its rescue.
FORMULA One racing driver Lewis Hamilton's courage is unquestionable.