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A newspaper is at its best when it fulfills its valuable role to the public by investigating news stories and reporting accurately on them, not when it sensationalises incidents for effect or when it becomes an unquestioning public detective for the police force.
Experience tells us that seldom do we get such an unquestioning, conformist response to a question of such importance.
From treating rebel guerrillas while captive on an Asian island to caring for 900 HIV-positive orphans, her story is filled with adventure, religious faith, and examples of unquestioning love and obedience, and will prove a powerful inspirational pick for any Christian collection.
Written as both a historical account and a personal account of his relationship to Judaism, Israel, and his parents, Pekar demonstrates an understanding of his parents' unquestioning love of Israel while being unable to overlook the mistreatment of any people.
Unquestioning obedience to the state was no longer seen as a positive thing.
Only a fool would look ahead with unquestioning confidence, but there are good reasons to hope that lessons were learned.
I have yet to see extensive reporting in other international news magazines and believe the world media to be largely unquestioning and uncritical of this institution.
Most pets are rewarded for their unquestioning love with shelter, food, and medical care.
It is reprehensible that out of 58 countries, the United States alone cast negative votes and managed to isolate itself by demonstrating yet again unquestioning support for the Israeli occupation," said Ashrawi in a statement issued by her office.
IN THEIR unquestioning enthusiasm for a "strong" elected mayor for Liverpool or Merseyside, and their belief that having such political leadership would have prevented the recent public disorder in Liverpool, Lord Heseltine and Cllr.
However, noting that some of the mob's main targets have been the purveyors of mass market footwear, hamburgers and over-sweet doughnuts, one can only blame a poverty of imagination and unquestioning acceptance of aspirational lifestyle largely promoted by advertising.
I was disturbed by the unquestioning pro-war tone and lack of emphasis on peacemaking in the supplement on military chaplains (Nov.