unquestioning acceptance

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But that does not mean unquestioning acceptance of ineffective and very likely unconstitutional tactics that reduce civil liberties without making the public safer.
The unquestioning acceptance of the New York Attorney General's flawed DNA testing of herbal supplements is a testament to this perception.
Some are comparatively minor, such as using the anachronistic and question-begging descriptor "Anglican" for the personnel and character of the Church of England in this period; or a rather unquestioning acceptance of the frankly dubious "Lancastrian" theory about the life of William Shakespeare that has the playwright ensconced in a Catholic house in Lancashire in the early 1580s.
Colonization of the mind includes any unquestioning acceptance of indoctrination.
However, noting that some of the mob's main targets have been the purveyors of mass-market footwear, hamburgers and oversweet donuts, one can only blame a poverty of imagination and unquestioning acceptance of an aspirational lifestyle largely promoted by advertising.
Unquestioning acceptance and then promulgation by business journalists, especially in the US, of what they were told, played a part in the build-up to the financial crisis.
SIR - I enjoyed reading Huw Irranca-Davies' article ("Clegg's halo will start to slip when ConDem cuts bite", June 14) which challenged the unquestioning acceptance of the need for savage and immediate cuts to public spending.
Eine Jugend im Nationalsozialismus, this paper explores both the uncritical, participation of teenage girls in the BDM and unquestioning acceptance of National Socialist beliefs as well as their much later attempts of coming to terms with the past through personal narratives.
The new phenomenon that accompanies this form of racism is the unquestioning acceptance that this racism is justified as "Islam is violent and breeds terrorism.
A key policy of governments of either political persuasion since 1979 has been the destruction of organised labour and a very lax and unquestioning acceptance of the demands of big business and global capital.