unquestioning belief

See: credulity
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It is through his readings in psychology and sociology that he develops distrust of his father's unquestioning belief in the rightness of law.
A child's simple, unquestioning belief in God Almighty is a beautiful thing--in a child.
We extol its virtues with an unquestioning belief, myself included.
The issues of the American Journal of Nursing from the 1950s express an unquestioning belief that nurses should adhere to a healthy lifestyle.
Sky's unquestioning belief in Terrence's psychic abilities leads her to steal Stingray's ashes.
DON'T: Let them get away with genuine rudeness, serious swearing, highly debatable statements of "fact", or an unquestioning belief in blatant advertising.
Roark describes student-centered instruction that conveys the benefits of canon-based learning without promoting an unquestioning belief in "great texts.
If you're a good mother, your kid will go to Harvard; if you're a bad mother, your kid will be an axe murderer' wrote Susan Douglas, American co-author of 'The Mommy Myth', summing up society's unquestioning belief in a mother's accountability.
Many Protestants, overawed by the seemingly unquestioning belief of the conservative Christians who dominate the media, feel that there is no room for their doubt in the life of faith--but they have doubts, they do doubt, and at a very fundamental level.
With the governor and many legislators up for re-election, rolling blackouts fresh in voters' minds, and an almost unquestioning belief on the part of voters that "something" must be done about "pollution"--especially since President Bush refused to sign the Kyoto Treaty or raise CAFE standards--it d idn't take a genius to see this coming.
Recall that Webster's offers as a general definition of faith: "firm or unquestioning belief in something for which there is no proof.
Like the Brundtland Commission before it, this commission displays an unquestioning belief that humanity's best prospects for development lie with the standard notion of economic growth - a notion that seeks as little regulation of trade and investment as possible.