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See supra note 77 (identifying Treaty to Prohibit Transborder Abductions as unratified.
cities in implementing unratified and non-self-executing treaty law.
Radcliffe claims chasing the record is not on her agenda but an attack will be bolstered by the fact that when she ran the world's fastest half-marathon five years ago in the GNR, she went through 10 miles in an unratified time of 50mins 1sec.
3) Although the Convention is yet unratified, Department of Defense (DOD) policy is to apply the law of war (of which the 1954 Hague Convention is an integral part) "during all armed conflicts, however such conflicts are characterized, and in all other military operations.
commitments made in the ratified and unratified constitutions: the
But it is more than a formal error for the United States to consider itself bound by international law unratified by the political branches.
troops scheduled to deploy to Bulgaria and Romania, but NATO aircraft were patrolling the borders of the Baltic states, the alliance had grown to 26 states, and the adapted CFE treaty remained unratified.
Russian and EU will huddle at a summit staged at Samara, Russia, where the stated aim of all parties is to start substantial negotiations on a new treaty, which the European Commission wants to reflect the principles of the 1994 international Energy Charter--as yet unratified by Russia--and which gives guarantees on access to pipeline networks and inward investment.
The as yet unratified EU constitution, with its controversial preamble that fails to mention Europe's Christian roots, has been the most recent occasion on which this question has been debated.
Irish-American groups and civil liberties organisations in the United States also oppose the accord, agreed in 2003 but as yet unratified, because they believe Britain would use it to prosecute Irish-Americans who support separatists in Ulster.
Although technically in effect, the Convention remains unratified by the United States, as does the later Basel Ban Amendment to prohibit (not simply reduce) exports of hazardous wastes from specific developed countries to developing ones.