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O Fio da Trama/The Thread Unraveled offers a fascinating range of meanings conveyed in surprising combinations of disparate materials.
Groups dedicated to gathering clues and pooling information formed on the Net--and after some six months of sleuthing thousands of tech-heads have finally unraveled the puzzle.
A workers' comp reinsurance pool that unraveled, a swindle that caused a small group of insurers to fail, and a liquidity crisis at a well-established life insurer made the list of top insurance stories, not only because of the impact on the industry last year, but because the ripples could lead to heightened regulatory oversight.
The exact nature of the link between viruses and MS is yet to be unraveled and researchers continue to explore possibilities.
Until that national culture is unraveled, strand by strand, it is going to be impossible to ensure that a civilian President can control this country's military.
After an agreement between the lender and borrower to sell the property under a consentual foreclosure sale unraveled, Eastern Consolidated Properties, Inc.
Then, the tension would suddenly drop, signaling that one of the tangled parts of the protein had just unraveled.
But the Stampede (2-9) bullpen unraveled in the seventh.
This rope made of countless winding strands has substance--yet can easily be unraveled into a thousand threads with a few turn s of the hand.
Endlessly, generation after generation of Penelopes rewove the unraveled fabric only to unravel it again.
There's lots more here to be unraveled," says Serwer, "Meanwhile in the White House, President Bush probably wishes Harken had either been bought, died, or just disappeared long ago.