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Organized by El Museo del Barrio's chief curator, Fatima Bercht, O Fio da Trama/The Thread Unraveled comprises photography, video, and sculpture as well as multimedia installations that range in scale from the intimate to the monumental.
Groups dedicated to gathering clues and pooling information formed on the Net--and after some six months of sleuthing thousands of tech-heads have finally unraveled the puzzle.
As the psychologist explains, looking down on Manila from his penthouse, "We can see the thing unraveled, but not the thing itself.
Until that national culture is unraveled, strand by strand, it is going to be impossible to ensure that a civilian President can control this country's military.
As the story unraveled, I found myself cheering April and Joseph on, hoping that they find some common ground, and make it in the end.
Then, the tension would suddenly drop, signaling that one of the tangled parts of the protein had just unraveled.
This rope made of countless winding strands has substance--yet can easily be unraveled into a thousand threads with a few turn s of the hand.
Endlessly, generation after generation of Penelopes rewove the unraveled fabric only to unravel it again.
Physicists have unraveled how certain wind-driven sand dunes in Morocco and Peru apparently tunnel through slower dunes.
The scheme unraveled after another student reported seeing one of the boys cutting up a sheet of bills in the restroom, said a sheriff's deputy, who asked not to be identified.
colored line tracing the artist's path; and, in the case of the loser/the winner, he walked from one end of Stockholm to the other clad in a sweater that unraveled with every step.