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Besides, he imagined that if the story was told when the fact was so recent, and the physician about the house, who might have unravelled the real truth, he should never be able to give it the malicious turn which he intended.
Keen, hatchet-faced young men, and every one of them was the man who really unravelled some murder mystery or other, though the police got the credit for it.
He broke into my very soul by it; and I unravelled all the wickedness of my life to him.
Finally he unravelled a bundle of clothing, comprising a complete set of underclothes, socks, a gray tweed suit, and a short yellow overcoat.
A routine car unravelled lies and did was cost him and his PC Jason He had used the fake licence to complete his prosecution form, claiming a different man at his home address had been driving the car.
Stockton fire station watch manager Stuart Simpson said the extension lead was not unravelled when power was put through it.