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IF you'd written a gushing note to Taylor Swift, telling her how much you love her music, wouldn't you be horrified to find it thrown, unread, into a Nashville dumpster?
I've got 91,109 unread messages in my inbox, and I feel fine," Manjoo wrote.
ALMOST half of those glossy new cookbooks bought as Christmas presents will go unread, according to a survey that shows home cooks are being put off by expensive ingredients and complicated recipes.
His findings remain unacted upon and possibly unread.
w nd A secret report on the Nazi lunatic's state of mind was drawn up for British spies April 1942 but has remained unread since the war.
The company said that the latest version gives Exchange administrators increased visibility and control over their mailboxes and public folders, including the ability to see: who deleted a message or a folder; who changed permissions; who sent a message on behalf of someone else; who changed the content of an e-mail and forwarded it as or on behalf of the original sender; and who accessed an inbox, read e-mails and then marked them as unread.
The pile of unread tomes has been calling out for weeks, and doubtless there'll be even more to work my way through after visiting this month's Birmingham Book Festival.
There is a book, or rather a collection of books, which at one time was a best seller but to many remains unread - The Bible.
Peer-reviewed published papers, written by credentialed professors on paranormal subjects, are deliberately ignored and go unread.
Like a frigid bride on her wedding night, I found myself wanting the thing to end, yet the expanse of still unread pages seemed at times to be growing rather than shrinking.
She was a successful novelist before her arrest and deportation, but her manuscript of this pair of interrelated wartime novellas (there were to have been five) was hidden for safekeeping and lay unread for 60 years.