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EDITOR'S FOREWORD: AT the request of the government, Certain elements of this story have been redacted with the [TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
The unreadable is read primarily as a catalyst in a drama of non-reading, with the focus on the captive reader as she/he copes with the unreadable.
He has a[TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE]asters degree in Microbiology and was a secondary and university level teacher for three years.
Pregnant patients need to understand that there is a "lag time" between an in[TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE] on of insulin and a meal (N.
He also loves squeezing in a little skiing and golf, which makes [TEXT UNREADABLE IN ORIGINAL SOURCE.
Like at least 40 other states, however, South Carolina is experience [Text unreadable in original source] budget shortfalls.
Rather, the unreadable files are repaired and written to your hard drive.
Unfortunately, as the decades have passed, many of these markers have been lost, stolen or have weathered to the point that they're unreadable.
With their clownlike markings, laughing [Text unreadable in original source.
IF it's true thatthe would-be Mayor of London Steven Norris has old Sainsbury's bags taped across the rear number plate of his scooter, making it unreadable both to traffic wardens and speed cameras, why has he not been prosecuted?
of gratitude from me was "the unreadable Wallace Stevens.
Information on the Social Security card and driver's license had been rendered unreadable, but he was able to decipher Huff's name and address from a membership card.