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If you haven't picked up Homage to Catalonia in a while, it's easy to forget that sections of it are almost unreadably dense.
Using a browser's controls to reduce the size of the print has unpredictable effects (shrinking the dialogue boxes used for searches, for example) and makes the text of any other site visited unreadably small.
is a long book about Yugoslavia it is going to be unreadably boring; the
One with protuberant ears and an unreadably impassive expression is especially compelling, but Kami's approach is not Genet's.
Here a general complaint I have is that the body text is almost unreadably small--and not adjustable.
A scarce relation subsists here in what is frugally clasped while remaining numinously rare and unreadably intricate.
The very seriousness that raises "Saturday Night Fever" out of the retro-kitsch basement and into the realm of compelling poetry often makes Crosbie's work unreadably self-dramatizing, like the scribblings of an undergraduate "poetess" with one too many tattoos.