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46) Thus, this entrenched threat estimate is the true culprit of Kido Butai's unreadiness on 4 June.
This unreadiness of some trainees to practice independently could be addressed through reintroducing effective pathology teaching in medical school, remedial training at the start of pathology residency, exposure to larger clinical case loads, and supporting an environment of meaningful graduated responsibility.
If your unreadiness prompts him to back out after two months, he'd probably do so later anyhow
Industry has been slow to take green solutions seriously, he says, because of past unreadiness in technology and political will.
To read the entire consultant's report about FairPoint's unreadiness to cut free from Verizon, go to the Public Utilities Commission Web site at puc.
Organizational characteristics that were identified included the need to restructure the intake process, the need for additional staff training, inadequate financial resources, the emotional unreadiness of clients to disclose, and belief that clients would not share the truth about abuse history out of fear of being turned away for services.
Perhaps now and finally we can move forward in addressing those less urgent though nevertheless gathering crises facing our country and our children's future: our exceedingly moneyed politics, our vast and widening economic inequities, our overseas flight of good jobs, our decaying infrastructure, our energy over-dependence on oil and coal, our looming health care collapse, our educational unreadiness for the 21st century, our grinding occupation of Iraq and our out-of-control transfer of carbon from earth to sky.
Despite the age and unreadiness of current data centers, there is already an investment in high density computing, with over four-fifths (87%) of organizations having introduced blade servers.
To a degree, this acknowledgment has come from Prospero's (and our) emergent understanding of his dependency, his unreadiness and rage, which includes his subjection to time itself, whose pressures cannot be put off even on this timeless island.
There is the same unreadiness to directly confront neo-liberal capitalism and its extension of the reach of the market.
55) Perhaps their involvement in so many projects at once contributed to the unreadiness of the courthouse when Macquarie rushed the roof.