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Occasionally it feels a bit theatrical, and the ending stretches unreality to breaking point.
Because if motion capture has become a go-to method to make the fantastic plausible--bringing blue aliens and Martians to life--animation represents a means of introducing helpful layers of unreality into situations that might otherwise seem a little too real.
Maybe more unreality is what we all need right now.
In spite of less pleasant aspects to the story, there is this sub text of extreme unreality, reminding readers not to take it all too seriously.
Citing clinical surveys and a series of patients that he personally treated for Internet-related behavioral disorders, he describes how the seeming unreality of cyberspace can lead Internet users to say or do regrettable things online and wreak real damage to their careers, relationships, and health.
Some of the images, such as the pictures that show smokers breathing into the faces of babies and old ladies, have an air of unreality that undermines the intent.
young, when we cultivated a healthy sense of unreality that will be
He meant the place, but his comment could equally apply to the 12th Architecture Biennale and the aura of unreality that temporarily descends on the city during the press vernissage.
Overcoming depersonalization disorder; a mindfulness and acceptance guide to conquering feelings of numbness and unreality.
And the sparse piano score only heightens the sense of unreality.
Unreality remains pretty much the same, and its appeal in politics is as strong as ever.
To not even acknowledge that this unreality nonsense was filmed before Mr and Mrs Disgusting's joyless marriage hit the rocks disrespects the viewers in the worst possible way.