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amp; Bennis, Warren, The Unreality Industry, Oxford University Press, New York, 1993.
Men have found at last that there is a penalty for too much comfort and ease, a penalty of lassitude and inertia and the frustrated feeling that goes with unreality.
Feelings of unreality, or being detached from your body
This fallen and disordered state drove a wedge of unreality between man and the world.
uk/showbiz/taylor-swift-dating-one-directions-harry-styles-bff/) Unreality TV claim Swift has moved on to dating his BFF, Zach Braff.
There's an increasing sense of unreality in what some at the top have been saying of late.
EXODUS 20,12 When we're young, old age is but a distant unreality - away on the other side of the real business of living; but when we get on a bit, we see it as the shape of things to come - drawing steadily nearer; and that's a thought.
Z-LIST celebrity and wannabe Tory MP Debi Jones has been standing shoulder to shoulder with George Gideon Oliver Osborne, the virtual unreality shadow chancellor at a Liverpool Conservative bash.
When we had the BBC to film Songs of Praise at the cathedral before Advent and they told us that after we'd done Christmas we would do Easter straightaway ( just change the flowers and get bright lights outside to mimic lighter spring evenings ( it wasn't a deliberate deceit but it will give an air of unreality to the Easter programme.
Documentation included in the show similarly conjured the poetry of the archive, but here one reality was rendered all the more piercing by the seeming unreality of another: A letter on display from the company's sergeant major regretted that they would not be able to attend the show's opening party, since they were already back in Iraq.
The music, by David Morrow and Thom Willems, is correspondingly intermittent, with long notes of chords that add to the dreamlike unreality of the atmosphere--as do the enigmatic phrases projected on the back wall: "Resembling Dawn," "An explosion, too distant to be heard," "His last afternoon as himself.
Judge Richard Cole said: "There is an unreality about a case if it starts off as attempted murder and ends up as simple damage.