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Meanwhile, in another article, Ulrich Volz argues that the possibility of a monetary union with the yuan as the anchor currency is unrealizable unless China's financial system becomes more developed.
At the center of Henry VI, Part II, Cade's double dream of absolute monarchy and absolute representation briefly fills up the vacuum Henry leaves when he flees his own Parliament" (83): both are unrealized and unrealizable.
In any case, the dream of a complete library, either electronically or in book form, is unrealizable.
Finally, in contrast to the attitude of popular culture, which sees moral rectitude as an unrealizable ideal, PG offers young people words of hope from the late Pope John Paul II who said, "By walking always with Christ, even when the path is uphill, we can achieve joy" (World Youth Day, Toronto, 2002).
The current renaissance of Jewish learning in America has meant the fulfillment of the utterly unrealizable dreams of Zunz and the others to have wissenschaft become a part of the curriculum of the university.
On another level, however, it is telling that he locates the realization of his project in the future, not the past or present; the choice of verb tense could indicate that he recognizes that the fulfillment of his wish for naivete will be forever unrealizable in the present and must therefore be displaced and deferred to an indefinite future.
But it is worth reminding ourselves that, while honors administrators, faculty, and staff are called to foster academic excellence, we are not committed to burdening ourselves with unrealizable expectations, much less to pursuing change for its own sake.
The book takes the form of notes for the screenplay of an unrealized and unrealizable film about Wilma's death and its aftermath, illustrated with an excellent selection of paparazzi and news photographs and stills from films of the 1940s and 1950s.
I remember working for Brastemp, which is Whirlpool in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where the dream of owning a refrigerator and a washer and dryer was unrealizable for the majority of the population, and yet the research indicated that there was nothing they wanted more.
Five-particle entanglement also makes possible a previously unrealizable scheme for transferring quantum data--which can have odd characteristics, such as representing several numbers at once.
Utopian elements imbued the theory, and those upholding it, with unrealizable aspirations, which in turn helped to create and legitimate intolerance and the repressive policies employed in pursuit of the realization of these elusive goals: classless society, disappearance of specialization, the withering away of the state and religion, the decline and disappearance of ethnic and national distinctions, the merging of individual and social or collective interests, the vanishing of alienation and anomie, unlimited material abundance, and universal access to unobstructed realization of all human potentials.
As for musicality, in Chinnov's world of words, everything was built on musicality; refined architectural constructs of imagination would have remained unrealizable without the mathematically precise laws of harmony.