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This in turn, frees the leader to act on the basis of his or her personal values and the current environmental situation rather than on the automatic, unreasoned thoughts about the problem.
Some unreasoned metaphysical propositions function as taboos and prohibitions, but obviously not all of them function so.
An initial no can become a yes if grace is allowed to enlighten human reason; a quick, unreasoned yes can become a no as it becomes increasingly difficult to sustain a lifelong commitment of faith in God and in service to others.
Like African-Americans who faced far more severe challenges in the 50s and 60s, American Muslims are now the easy targets of unreasoned hate and suspicion.
43) However, the court found that this factor was mitigated by the "emotional and unreasoned tenor" of the messages and the fact that "no reasonable business person or investor" would have taken him seriously.
THE Falklands War in 1982 was instigated by Argentina to prop up "a desperately unpopular administration with a large, albeit unreasoned and unwarranted fillip in the polls", if I may paraphrase David F Davies (Viewpoints, May 15).
The imagery of the unreasoned, blind violence of the crowd reaches nearly hysterical levels after a human player is ejected for body checking a machine: "All the fans were on their feet [.
One must not forget that, even in the most egalitarian or homogeneous of communities, exclusion, discrimination, unreasoned decision-making, conflict, and disagreement cannot totally be eliminated.
In the face of today's conflict, I would rather support a reasoned dream than embrace an unreasoned status quo.
Still other structural constraints exist, including even the presence of law clerks, which provides a push-and-pull element in the judicial function that may "reduc[e] the likelihood of weak or unreasoned decisions.