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The portrayal is so far removed from reality they're almost unrecognisable to anyone who knows the facts.
Mr Ryan Winstanley, now aged 20, of Rotherham, South Yorkshire, was so unrecognisable after the attacks that his mother did not realise it was him and thought he was "a vagrant who had come off the streets".
In a financial context Ireland is almost unrecognisable from its status in the 1980's as a poor relation within the EU.
These salary figures will be unrecognisable to headteachers in Wales and the average salary here will be around a third of that claimed," said Ms Brychan.
Modern British women have opportunities and lives that would be unrecognisable to most of their grandmothers.
Venting his personal views, which he said many in the family law profession supported, he added: "In some of the more heavily-populated urban areas of the country family life is, quite frankly, in meltdown or completely unrecognisable.
From being a star 12 months ago he is now unrecognisable as the player we signed from Coventry.
IF THE only thing that can save the U-Boat is to cut it up into unrecognisable bits, then it would be better to scrap her completely and have done with it or give her to someone who can fully appreciate all its symbolism.
The squeaky clean singer is almost unrecognisable in his latest West End role.
STARS in Their Eyes presenter Matthew Kelly is unrecognisable in this adaptation of Steinbeck's novel.
The global logistics industry today is unrecognisable from just five years ago.
Even if they could be picked up in space, the digital encoding would make them unrecognisable.