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This is a negative externality in that consumption by one set of consumers, through control of land use regulations created by the establishment of the quasi market, impose unrecompensed costs on others.
But captial-dominant city-states, largely seagoing, such as Genoa, Venice, and the Dutch Republic, where capital holders dominated the military, also contributed to state formation, as did landlord-based territorial empires such as Prussia or Russia where coercion generated tribute from conquered areas as well as unrecompensed service and stipends from physically subjected internal populations.
Currently, Armalinsky is publicizing his "dare" to Russia's publishers to issue a full and MIP-sanctioned version in Russia, where to date the press has only published unrecompensed excerpts.
Most insurance policies do not cover intentional torts, so a victim of an abuser who does not have sufficient resources to satisfy a judgment may go unrecompensed.
The ethics of the theft, as we saw, is based on the possibility of forgetting: the good deed provokes hatred, but injury and theft, in La Rochefoucauld's maxim, are more likely to go unrecompensed, to pass from memory.