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Iraq agreed in April to slash signature bonuses on two oilfield development deals and turned them into unrecoverable payments rather than soft loans.
They also said Aiful's assessments of some debtors were inaccurate, and their loans were inappropriately classified as unrecoverable loans.
It's a big caveat to say, 'as long as no unrecoverable plant condition will occur,' " says Gunter of the Nuclear Information and Resource Service.
Warkentin and Podruchny's rich and wonderfully-focused volume, however, is organized so that the reader is constantly reminded of that absent and perhaps unrecoverable "history of the relationships between Amerindians among themselves" (Delage and Warren, 314), endowing this collection finally with an intellectual honesty and openness to engagement which make it a timely and exciting intervention in postcolonial studies.
When Bawden and his colleagues first analyzed satellite measurements of the Los Angeles area taken between 1992 and 1998, the data suggested there had been around 6 centimeters of unrecoverable compaction of sediments in the region, or about 12 millimeters each year on average.
For example, for asset-intensive enterprises, unplanned equipment downtime translates to an unrecoverable loss of revenue.
Hankyu, however, had already written off the loan as unrecoverable.
Finally, specific thresholds for heat and light exposure resulting in unrecoverable damage are reported.
97-54, the cost of line pack gas or recoverable cushion gas is not depreciable; however, the cost of unrecoverable line pack gas or unrecoverable cushion gas is depreciable.
Regardless of habitat, firewood collection is the most frequently recurring problem associated with deforestation, and leads to unrecoverable soil damage.
Because of the potential for unfairness and abuse inherent in allowing a litigant to impose tremendous, unrecoverable expenses on his opponent for tactical reasons (such as to extort an out-of-court settlement less than the anticipated cost of defense), proponents of civil justice reform often advocate a "loser-pays" approach to attorneys' fees, sometimes called the "English rule.
He considers other times just after, the random intensity sliding away, unrecoverable.