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We, for our part, with our small ways and narrow thoughts, might consider certain sinners as unredeemable and deserving of no forgiveness.
Now it is time to recognize that Syria's ruler is an unredeemable thug -- and that the incipient domestic uprising offers a potentially precious opportunity.
In a situation of this kind and in the choice, within such a situation, of being a thing, the solution or the desire for a solution presents itself as an unredeemable abstraction.
Crist is not rejecting the science of geoengineering; rather, she is rejecting "the unredeemable socioeconomic reality in which we live.
His creation of an apparently inclusive category 'we' excluded the unredeemable 'they' who must be eliminated if 'we' stand a chance to have a peaceful existence.
His daughter meanwhile believes quite openly that her father is "a coarse, unredeemable materialist" who "lacks an imagination" (p.
These attempts ultimately failed because the states were forbidden to issue unredeemable paper money and the effect of Gresham's law only made specie scarcer.
As a result, note holders sacrificed a lot because of the unredeemable bank notes, but they acquiesced in such a situation.
Mayberry stakes out the grounds for her argument with this statement: "Morrison deliberately places her black male characters into situations where their behavior becomes virtually unredeemable, yet she simultaneously urges us to forgive them" (13).
Agamben is interested in "capturing" or "seizing" the moment of unredeemable redemption, and proposes the photographic picture as one way of achieving this possibility: "[.