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Fielding's chief concern is with the unreflecting vanity that animates such determinations.
The unreflecting early Wollstonecraft is characterized in Poovey's argument by her failure to renounce the sentimental ideals into which her political ideas keep regressing.
The same "American virtues" that looked so attractive in "The Third and Final Continent" have vices buried within them, ready to corrupt the unreflecting and unlucky.
But when November broke, there he was on the television: those same smug eyes, that unreflecting and unrepentant smirk.
But this sunlit, unreflecting sense of well-being, precious though it is, is not joy.
Rather than addressing one or some dimensions of organizational change by using a single method in an unreflecting way like the conventional change approaches, the proposed framework is fundamentally based on a holistic view that perceives organizational change as a multifaceted and interrelated whole, which can be addressed adequately only by using multiple methods together critically.
But if Kant is critical of the unreflecting "friend of man," he is no less critical--as later Marxists and feminists have also been--of the philosopher priest: the technician or specialist who tells us how we ought to live, who has looked into the transcendental depths and given us principles for life.
from the outset, not by any immanent criticism but by our unreflecting acceptance of the self-contradictory principle that all thought is related to a specific age and has no grasp of reality beyond that age.
The important point to bear in mind, however, is that Camoes was not an unreflecting patriot, and this fact needs to be emphasized to counterpoise any monodimensional conception of the poet initially suggested.
My primary, original, unreflecting consciousness focuses on the eidetic world.
Larkin's garden in the light of the rain, "to gleam unreflecting from within itself in its quiet arcade of identity.
Taking spiritualist beliefs on their own terms, and rejecting functionalist explanations of peoples' adherence to these beliefs, it does not admit of easy or unreflecting accounts of the movement's growth and significance.