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23) The first class is composed of "dough-baked Patriots" who unreflectingly "give an indolent Vote in favour of Reform" (CC 1.
The widely held belief that television fantasy violence stimulates aggression in the real world and should be censured is what propaganda experts might call "a big lie"--a grotesque fabrication to which all unreflectingly subscribe.
In this pressurized context, investment in various manifestations of the digital future is typically viewed unreflectingly as a good thing.
Jones seems simply unaware of literary scholarship of recent decades; for example, he charges into the issue of homoeroticism, bandying about the word "homosexual" unreflectingly with no acknowledgment of the vast recent theorizing and debate on this subject, and his fulminations against homophobic criticism betray no recognition that sonnets have been studied by those sympathetic to their homoerotic potential.
The critical commentaries (if one can call them such) are often insightful, but even here they reflect an annoying tendency to equate unreflectingly the biography of a writer with his work.
Blaming that tendency on the passive position that students occupy during lectures, some unreflectingly call for their complete elimination.
At the bottom of the scale was the Muslim, possibly not even literate, who blindly and unreflectingly accepted the doctrine, for which he is called muqallid "imitator," because he was unable to form his own opinion, and at the other extreme was the mujtahid or independent thinker, qualified to make legal and doctrinal interpretations.
Peter's history is a radical departure from the popularizing Fiske who worked, unreflectingly, within the conventions.