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This unreflective tendency to distort the meaning of freedom has become a part of the broader culture, so that a free society is seen by many to be a society where each is allowed to choose whatever he or she wants, even death.
Their rejection of a new practice or subject can unduly restrict the range of disciplinary activity and produce unreflective intolerance of new activities in the field.
They might even have to be grateful for the profound challenge which revelation--and Strauss's rendition thereof--poses to any unreflective sense of security in the life of reason.
Grant is the model of unreflective, scientific leadership that reaches the proper balance between obedience and autonomy.
9 RACHEL ROSENTHAL, THE AROUSING (SHOCK, THUNDER), 1979 Rosenthal's smiling, ghostly visage fills the screen in this startling film; her eyes are black and unreflective which makes it weirder still.
A row of white men in suits is unreflective of the party lists which have been put forward,and does little to inspire the good people of Liverpool to participate in the up and coming elections.
The attachment to civil piety may seem to many to be casual and unreflective.
By countering the unreflective ideology of fetal humanity with the equally unreflective ideology of personal autonomy.
No great stylist, certainly not a moralist, and unconcerned about the deep psychology of battle, Plaster comes across as a straight-talking soldier, brave but unreflective, the kind of guy you could count on if you were in a jam but wouldn't ask about the meaning of life.
Anyone who reads the diaries of Palmer and Pearson must be impressed by the congenial, outgoing, and basically unreflective nature of Thomas Palmer.
There has been so much wishy-washy, unreflective, poor criticism on White that it is little wonder his press is what it is.