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Some critics of foreign aid programs, like Easterly, argue that such programs can be reformed to work better, while others, like Deepak Lal (2006), argue that foreign aid is fundamentally unreformable and should, apart from emergency humanitarian relief or perhaps targeted military assistance, be scrapped.
Without the kind of reforms now being pushed through, investors may regard Turkey as basically unreformable, consequently, the risk of investing money in the country would remain too high for most speculators to consider.
Success should not be defined as maximizing Russian participation in events or attracting mostly unreformable senior officers to flagship courses.
It is unreformable because the combination of legislative oversight and the de facto bureaucratic monopoly means that entrenched interests--the teachers' unions, the janitors, the friends of the local school board--entrench themselves partially, and then the people who manage oust them and partially entrench their own favorite ideas.
There is only one acceptable ending: Garbo, having demonstrated thoroughly that her husband is an arrogant, complacent and quite unreformable heel and asshole, tells him Thank you very much and to please go back to your oh-so-important editorial work on your useless magazine and get out of my life.
Instead of "flowering" under the tutelage of the social worker they were portrayed as "coarsening" and in the end branded as unreformable.
Yet, there remains the distinct possibility that the IMF will prove to be unreformable.
Time in the wilderness in a special and spiritual place brought out the best in a group of people who were typically dismissed as remorseless, careless, unhelpful and generally unreformable.
As for Quebec's federalist party, its leaders are sufficiently lucid to know that Canadian federalism is unreformable, and it does not want to defend Quebec rights forcefully, for fear of failure and hence demonstrating the need for sovereignty.
Eliot's poetry that had "a liberating influence" on him; on the other hand, the events of 1968 sobered him to the point of realizing that "socialism [is] unreformable.
If one accepts the interpretation of the relationship between serious crime and the number of children being raised by single parents, especially children who have no paternal guidance, the United States is headed for serious trouble from rampaging crime by unreformable young people.
A recently published book, Reforming the Unreformable, authored by Ngozi, provides an intimate insight into the problems she faced after being appointed economic adviser to former President Olusegun Obasanjo a dozen years ago.