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The regenerate soul itself, then, has the options of (a) identifying itself with the unregenerate Old Adam who "hates God," which is absurd; or (b) identifying itself with Christ himself, which is delusory; or (c) adopting a kind of "null identity," a pure turning toward Christ that both participates in him and remains intimate with the fallen flesh.
Agrarian beliefs and methods failed so utterly that many of the originators of the movement had largely abandoned their beliefs within only a few years of the movement's inception, and the few that hung on into the 1950s were seen as truly unregenerate, foolish and largely forgotten (the 1980 conference in Nashville honoring the surviving Agrarians and I'll Take My Stand as no less than a "prophetic book" indicates one more positive view [Murphy]).
Fuller critiqued what he called the "high Calvinistic, or rather hyper Calvinistic, strain admitting nothing spiritually good to be the duty of the unregenerate, and nothing to be addressed to them in a way of exhortation, excepting what related to external obedience.
In fact, romantic love finds no place at all in BR, where original sinfulness in its unregenerate form prevails.
As he wrote from Belfast to Charles Brasch in an unpublished letter in 1940, where he said he felt more at home among what he called 'the Irish of the unregenerate north' than he did with New Zealanders, 'I feel myself it was formless, unpractised and to be honest, a little dull.
This account of Barnardine builds on the common injunction in sermons and devotional texts to be watchful Christians, to await Christ's return attentively like the wise virgins of the parable and unlike the unregenerate "[who] slept in sinne .
Cisco s cutting-edge telecom equipment has made it possible to create the world s longest unregenerate data transfer segment in land line networks in commercial operation 2600 km, from Moscow to Yekaterinburg in the first stage of the project.
It was in this spirit--at least as much as that of the unregenerate Third-World nationalism of which Aijaz Ahmad (1993) accused Orientalism--that Said criticized the American foreign policy establishment, whether in Orientalism or in his late indictment of Samuel Huntington's "clash of civilizations" thesis.
well, but they were ungrateful, ignoble, unregenerate trash, caricatured
Moreover, the play calls our attention to the ways in which the unregenerate elements in Viennese society elude reform.
This unregenerate masturbator, who obsessively "tossed off" and destroyed his own sexual organ, was named "Toby Tostoff (a ruined Pole).
Unregenerate, my sister & I barely survived Allentown, but our hometown, too, left itself behind.