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Then 5 or 6 clean, symmetrical, unregenerated scales were dried, taped to an acetate sheet, inserted between two new acetate sheets, and pressed in a Carver laboratory scale press for 2 minutes at 15,000 pounds of pressure and 60oC.
In 2001, as a result of our commitment to driving innovative technologies, we achieved the longest unregenerated data transmission in history across a fiber-optic network.
A 40G ultra long haul network spanning an unregenerated distance of 3,100 km, demonstrating Ciena's ability to support the upgrade of today's most challenging terrestrial routes.
This represents the longest unregenerated transmission at OC-192 over a service provider's existing fiber plant.
The companies will also demonstrate Ciena's newly developed 40G ultra long haul solution over an unregenerated distance of 3,100 km using Corning long-haul optical fibers.
First application of Raman amplifiers powers 1100 mile unregenerated span
StrataLight is pleased to have collaborated with Cisco and Sprint to deliver a long-haul optical interface technology to enable the world's first transmission of an unregenerated, single-wavelength, 40-Gbps circuit over a transoceanic distance," said Ross Saunders, general manager for Next Generation Transport at StrataLight.