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Long form BRS scores were calculated by dividing the number of relaxed behaviors by the total number of relaxed and unrelaxed behaviors (N =50) multiplied by 100 (Poppen, 1998).
Ten behaviors are observed and scored as relaxed or unrelaxed during successive one minute intervals.
Many products, such as shrink films and foams, make use of polymers in their unrelaxed state.
SECONDLY, J Pitman, of Felling, was curious as to why bats sleep in a most unrelaxed fashion.
I found myself totally worn down, my skin went a bit funny and I realised I was totally unrelaxed.
Model parameter name Model parameter value Unrelaxed shear modulus, G (MPa) 600 Bulk modulus, K (MPa) 1800 Reference viscosity, [[mu].
She is curious as to why a certain species sleep in a most unrelaxed fashion.
You can spot a fake smile because the teeth will be bared slightly and the facial muscles will look stiff and unrelaxed.
infinity]] the unrelaxed dielectric permittivity, [DELTA] [epsilon] the dielectric relaxation strength, [tau] the relaxation time, [alpha] and [beta] the Havriliak-Negami parameters describing respectively the symmetric and asymmetric broadening of the relaxation time distribution function.
As more and more chains relax, the connection of unrelaxed chains becomes less and it promotes a further drop in modulus in what is called as terminal zone (18).