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The novel can be unrelentingly violent, and the litany of terror, torture and revenge is long and horrifically detailed.
My only concern is that the new employees will be hired by Nancy Nord, a Bush appointee who has been unrelentingly hostile to regulation.
The Symphony's unrelentingly pessimistic tone and turbulent harmonies led the government to denounce it as decadent and degenerate, unfit for the masses, and it was many years before the work got its proper recognition.
It was unrelentingly hot in our industrial town near the equator [in Colombia]; to stay comfortable, my father wore only white linen pants and white guay-aberas (linen shirts from Cuba).
The firm's taking of more space than it will immediately occupy is an example of the kind of aggressive measures tenants are being forced to employ to fulfill their future space needs in a market that continues to tighten unrelentingly.
Spero's vision is not, by any means, unrelentingly somber, but her art is way beyond the easy relief of happy endings.
Everyone knows that the current regime is fanatical, incompetent, corrupt, and unrelentingly cruel.
Cronenberg has customized the slim, severe and unrelentingly bleak novel with a sly wit.
The book, a sort of report from the front lines of motherhood among well-heeled Washingtonians, is almost unrelentingly grim.
I was fascinated to watch on the one hand John Kerry saying that he's committed to winning the war on terror, and to winning in Iraq, and then he turns around and is unrelentingly negative about the proposition, the decision.
She unrelentingly pulls readers into the struggles, hopes, dreams, reality and psychological dynamics of a dangerously flawed family.
Today, Planned Parenthood unrelentingly pushes contraception, even for girls as young as 10.