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Barney who travels regularly between his Glasgow-based father (and grandmother) and mother in London accidentally gets caught up in the world of espionage--working for MI5 as a junior recruit and ruthlessly targeted by a somewhat unlikely gang of terrorists entirely motivated by either revenge or money, or both and so unrelentingly evil that they make the average pantomime villain seem like a softie.
Some of them, such as Mercy Told, are unrelentingly loud, although songs such as "Running With Scissors" display a great deal of musicianship.
However, for circus to be faithful to its art form, we are also unrelentingly committed to human rights.
The count climbed almost unrelentingly for 14 months, reaching almost 58,000 in August, 2009, and peaked in January, 2010, at a recent high of 58,196.
For a long time, AIDS remained a taboo topic, even as it silently yet unrelentingly destroyed society.
He lauded the efforts of engineers and technicians of Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, Kamra who had worked unrelentingly for the last two years to establish the facility.
But watching someone unrelentingly and hopelessly staring down an abyss for nearly two hours - convinced there is no way out but death - is brutal for the audience.
The novel can be unrelentingly violent, and the litany of terror, torture and revenge is long and horrifically detailed.
Spielberg, renowned for his secrecy, had been unrelentingly determined to keep the pic's key elements under wraps until the last minute.
My only concern is that the new employees will be hired by Nancy Nord, a Bush appointee who has been unrelentingly hostile to regulation.
The Symphony's unrelentingly pessimistic tone and turbulent harmonies led the government to denounce it as decadent and degenerate, unfit for the masses, and it was many years before the work got its proper recognition.
It was unrelentingly hot in our industrial town near the equator [in Colombia]; to stay comfortable, my father wore only white linen pants and white guay-aberas (linen shirts from Cuba).