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On their part, cognitive and constructivist narratologists have continued to warn against the treatment of unreliability as a character trait of a narrator, and have, instead, located it in the text-reader interaction and in the gap between the narrator's worldview and the reader's/critic's world-model and standards of normalcy.
There are good reasons for this focus: using one text to convey substantial gaps between a narrator's reports, interpretations, or evaluations, and those of the implied author is no mean feat--nor is being able to account for the dynamics of that feat, as the history of theoretical quarrels about unreliability would suggest.
And underlying these propositions is the authors' absolute certitude about the correctness of their solutions and the unreliability of what are darkly called the "accommodationists in the foreign-policy establishment.
Cryosurgery is still unpredictable because of the unreliability of the frozen state.
5) The unreliability of a classical (frequentist) estimate of uncertainty arising from a small number of measurements is quantified by degrees of freedom [5].
The pre-Christmas ads poked fun at Taiwanese goods and their reputation for unreliability, which the government has been working hard to lose in recent years.
Professor Lewis also highlights the unreliability of the United States as an ally or protector.
The unreliability of many self-diagnosed URTIs has contributed to the controversy surrounding the link between exercise and increased immunity, however, and more research is needed.
It includes such topics as the unreliability of the Manchester bomber which predated the more famous Lancaster; the joy of flying a Spitfire; and experiences with the Hawker Typhoon, Bristol Beaufort, and the Whirlwind, as well as an account of the famous Tirpitz raid.
We begin," says Lange, "by showing companies where the source of unreliability is, and then we show them how to use the 23 tools (or less, depending on the specific need of that company) to remedy the situation.
Instead of relying on the device of the implied author and a text-centered analysis of unreliable narration, narrative unreliability can be reconceptualized in the context of frame theory and of readers' cognitive strategies.
California it was able to state that "use of involuntary verbal confessions in state criminal trials is constitutionally obnoxious not only because of their unreliability.