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As a result, a significant volume of fuel cell systems are now being ordered and installed in markets with unreliable grids.
The outcome stated that only 34 per cent of infants whose testers were unreliable followed this odd task.
Turbines are available but cannot make a significant contribution, will be very profitable for the developers and energy suppliers but expensive and unreliable for the consumers.
1% find slow or unreliable computer equipment the most irritating part of modern office life.
No running water, sparse electricity and unreliable phone connections, but this 27-year-old Santa Clarita native couldn't be happier.
Acting "at the behest of the White House," Goss and his underlings worked to remove officials considered politically unreliable from "the clandestine service, that component of the CIA that recruits and handles spies.
The low live volts put out by the MBITR center pin causes the ITH to switch back and forth between powered and unpowered mode leading to unreliable operation.
One well-documented effect of torture is that people will say or do anything to escape the situation, rendering information provided under torture extremely unreliable.
This manual process has proven to be extremely expensive in terms of consulting dollars, and unreliable because it depends on people's memories and cooperation.
All she cares about is her boyfriend, TJ, even if he is somewhat unreliable, and getting away from her crowded and wacky, if loving, home.
Government decision-makers cannot make rational decisions about one of the largest and costliest projects in City history when the information on which they are relying is inaccurate, misleading and unreliable," said petitioners' attorney, Randy Mastro, partner at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, LLP.
Like a padded cell, INTEGRITY PC prevents Linux, non-memory-protected operating systems such as Wind River's legacy VxWorks, and other insecure and unreliable software from harming the rest of a system while also limiting the harm it can do to itself," explained Dan O'Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software.