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21 It is unlikely that people were free to express what would have been considered unreligious.
Responding to Nasrallah's declaration that the Qalamoun war is imperative "because it is a moral, national and religious assignment," Hariri said: "We tell Sayyed Hasan: You are assigning yourself with an immoral, unpatriotic and unreligious mission.
What was the most shocking was the spread of Facebook post One of those accused men who participated in the attack known as Sharaf Baghalany , who proudly announced that, " a unreligious woman was beaten to death by religious people of Kabul because she burnt pages of holy Quran.
475, 487 (1964) (quoting the Rhode Island State Commissioner of Education as stating that he did "not now or in the future intend to prostitute the office of Commissioner of Education of Rhode Island to further the cause of the irreligious, the atheistic, the unreligious, or the agnostic" (internal quotation marks omitted)).
Now, as the number of Americans who identify themselves as unreligious is growing (see graphs), a coalition of nonbelievers says it's time to get rid of the atheist bans because they're discriminatory, offensive, and unconstitutional.
However, in a recent study comparing the coping mechanisms of the highly religious and the unreligious, Wilkinson and Coleman (2010) found that humanist ideals are as effective as traditional religious beliefs for individuals confronted with difficult issues of ageing.
For those both religious and unreligious, who can only see the story of Abraham through the contemporary meaning-text, this intends to open conceptual space for something else, for the unmoment of faith.
Is it tragi-comic that in the realm of religion there is lack of consensus in society leave alone media about the unreligious insanity of faith-based extremism Take for example the reaction to the assassination of Salman Taseer the Governor of Punjab who simply called for revising the blasphemy laws to make them more harmonious with the compassionate and tolerant fundamentals of Islam itself.
The frizzy-haired Katie Morosky also marked Streisand's return as a proudly, if unreligious, Jewish woman, and--as a Young Communist League president who fights against the blacklist and film censorship and for nuclear disarmament--a decidedly unruly one.
are juxtaposed with unreligious symbols like wine, cup and tavern.
The design and construction of the mosque and Musalla and their decorations mustn't be in a western style reminding unreligious or antireligious architecture.
drew attention to a growing restlessness among young church members and the spread of spiritual hunger; she also observed that being "unchurched" in America does not necessarily mean being unreligious or irreligious.