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Still, members of Openly Secular see the bans as evidence of the quiet discrimination unreligious Americans face.
Meantime, he hailed the efforts made by the Turkish government to release Iran's abducted pilgrims in Syria in the past, and said that abduction of defenseless pilgrims is an unreligious and inhuman measure that intensifies unrests in the region.
Obviously only a fool would attempt to pick a side - this is the unreligious equivalent of Jesus V God - so, with no bias, I merely report for the record that Simon started it.
He is particularly severe on religious elements in the novels of Evelyn Waugh and even more in those of Graham Greene (he refers to the girl in The Heart of the Matter as Scobie's "scrawny and tedious mistress"), giving unqualified praise to the unreligious vision of Anthony Powell, whose clotted and stuffy prose he praises for inexplicable and unexplained reasons.
The riots over the past week, which started when a large number of liquor stores, massage parlors and other venues deemed unreligious were set on fire after Friday prayers, quickly spread across the Duhok region.
He is expressing his unreligious thoughts which are not hidden from anybody.
All are free to be as religious or as unreligious as they want.
AoNow it seems so irrational, unreligious and stupid of me, but back then things were very different as I was desperate; my family and neighbors convinced me that I was not married yet due to a spell over me made by someone who wishes me all the ills in the world,Ao she said.
Does this statistic make us a notably unreligious state?
The study found about 22 percent of young adults--those 30 and younger --identify themselves as "nones," a group that includes the irreligious, unreligious, antireligious and anticlerical.
God is always with us, even when we're doing the most unreligious of things.
Throughout the narrative the religious leaders are regularly scandalized by Jesus' seemingly unreligious behavior, (5) and we see from the beginning of the story onward how such behavior is a regular component of divine activity achieving divine ends.