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and he said, "That's a book," and drew it from her unreluctant grasp.
1 million, primarily because the uniqueness of our leading technology, the unreluctant effort constributed by the employees of our Group and recycling technology is encouraged by recent policies initiated by the PRC government.
we said; "We shall go down with unreluctant tread Rose-crowned into the darkness
11, 15-16 (2003) (discussing whether Japanese cultural values influence Japan's litigation rate); Tom Ginsburg & Glenn Hoetker, The Unreluctant Litigant?
Puchniak, Land of the Rising Derivative Action: Revisiting Irrationality to Understand Japan's Unreluctant Litigant, in DERIVATIVE ACTION IN ASIA: A COMPARATIVE AND FUNCTIONAL APPROACH (Dan W.
She will return the blessings of the one and the embrace of the other with a smile, and fly unreluctant to Dissipation and Frivolity.
Second, and closely connected to the first point, Jim's rectitude and unreluctant willingness to continue the search for survivors symbolizes the Africana emphasis on ethics when reasoning racially.
At the door he kissed her unreluctant lips and walked home, throwing futile buckets of reason on the wild fire.
One of Smith's most important - certainly her most far-reaching - contributions to librarianship is her classic text The Unreluctant Years: A Critical Approach to Children's Literature (1953, 1991).
The Smith Collection includes children's books published since 1910 which both meet the high literary standards set forth in The Unreluctant Years and are also enjoyed by young readers.
His mother, says Hoopes, was "a stern, rather dour matriarch and an unreluctant disciplinarian" who wanted the boy to become a priest.