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Policemen in unremarkable clothes driving unremarkable vehicles.
In the kingdom of Basileon, an unremarkable and emotionally detached young man named Obed Kainos is about to stumble into adventure--quite against his will.
All very unremarkable and all very typical of what you get with Jones.
1) Devaka Premawardhana, "The Unremarkable Hybrid: Aloysius Pieris and the Redundancy of Multiple Religious Belonging," J.
It is a shame that one unremarkable pupil, who has achieved minor celebrity in one form or another, has cast a shadow over our remarkable school.
On further questioning, the patient denied a history of ear disease, hearing loss, otorrhea, or otalgia, and findings on the physical examination were unremarkable.
Complicating the "documentary" is the presence of a gaggle of offbeat, has-been celebrities competing for best teacher in an unremarkable comprehensive school in a midsize English town, populated by brain-dead scholars and insane teachers.
Its unremarkable site next to the main street is modified by a birch grove, so you first see it from the car park through trees, when its impervious strange shape and expressed precast concrete structure make it almost seem like an agricultural building marooned amid new development.
If it's unacceptable for William Bennett to link abortion even conversationally with a whole class of people (and, of course, it is), why then do we as a society view abortion as justified and unremarkable in the case of another class of people: children with disabilities?
For this exhibition, Feinstein's findings of herself in much older women were recorded, Dorian Gray-like, in a number of unremarkable pastel drawings on paper as well as in garish enamel paintings on mirrors (didactic, even pastiche, materializations of Oscar Wilde's much more perverse metaphorical equation of painting and mirror).
The local hack at the record store told me it was unremarkable Rip Off swag, but after two or three listens I couldn't get the songs outta my head.
The general exam was unremarkable, and a local exam revealed a diffuse soft tissue swelling on the dorsum of both hands, with fluctuation, redness, and pointing (most prominent part of swelling in an abscess that marks the area of imminent rupture) in the first web space of both hands.