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An Unremarkable Body is infused with sadness but avoids being morbid or cloying.
Brain computed tomography scan result was unremarkable.
Policemen in unremarkable clothes driving unremarkable vehicles.
All very unremarkable and all very typical of what you get with Jones.
1) Devaka Premawardhana, "The Unremarkable Hybrid: Aloysius Pieris and the Redundancy of Multiple Religious Belonging," J.
It might not be the "Mona Lisa," and it may not note every single piece of the neighborhood's history, but the Studio City mural provides some local spirit to what was otherwise an unremarkable place.
An unremarkable score on paper, even if it does keep him nicely on course for that elusive first major.
The poll follows the Lib Dems' unremarkable performance in the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and English local elections.
Without a satisfactory control, the conclusion that patients with more fatigue were also more likely to take more medications would be expected and unremarkable.
Despite nice trio work, the group patterns were unremarkable and the phrasing flat.
Results of the examination were otherwise unremarkable.
The sun is familiar and, astronomically speaking, rather unremarkable as stars go.