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13, 2012 (CENS) -- Unremittingly dedicated to quality improvement, Brilliant Engineering Co.
There is little doubt since the beginning of the year when manufacturing was experiencing record demand and, companies in North Wales could look forward to the benefits of a strong recovery, the news has been unremittingly gloomy.
9 AN unremittingly poor game somehow conspired to produce a nail-biting finish, Pontypool taking victory with the final kick of the game.
Despite criticism and even death threats, Taseer, a journalist for Newsweek Pakistan, has worked unremittingly to shed light on the hundreds of victims of Pakistan's blasphemy laws and to encourage her government to take necessary steps to promote religious tolerance," Human Rights First said in a statement.
At the strategic level, the defence of the Moroccan Sahara - which remains our sacred cause - requires you to act effectively and unremittingly at local, regional and international levels and forums to foil the desperate schemes of the enemies of our country's territorial integrity," the Sovereign said, on Friday, in his speech at the opening of the first session of the fourth legislative year of the eighth term.
He affirmed that Yemeni-Saudi relations are developing unremittingly in various areas, appreciating the Saudi support for the Yemeni development process.
Ian Cook, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Hill's Pet Nutrition's parent company Colgate-Palmolive said: "Our 2010 focus is unremittingly clear.
Iran Central Cooperative Chamber and Vietnam Cooperatives Union signed an MOU on boosting cooperative ties and established a work group to pursue unremittingly the realization of the aims and agreements made in MOU, he said.
Founded by a group of television and radio preachers in 1993, the ADF is unremittingly hostile to church-state separation, insisting that the principle is not found in the Constitution.
Marco Schnabel's film isn't somuch mean-spirited as unremittingly dull, wrapping quasi-philosophical teachings ("An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind") in the usual mishmash of slapstick, innuendo and sight gags.
Trouble is, Mariah may look good but the album is unremittingly awful with vocoder vocals, studio trickery and bland songs.
Yes, yes, the seventh and final book in the "Potter" series isn't due for another 11 days, but the latest "Potter" movie, the unremittingly bleak and occasionally brilliant "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," is a potent reminder that the Hogwarts kids have come a long way from the carefree days of baby