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He is unremorseful ( but what would he say if he'd lost a loved one?
less deterrence than do unremorseful ones for at least two reasons.
A client is caught with his or her hands in the cookie jar (or beats his wife, or makes racist comments) and is unremorseful.
At an April 25 protest, around 500 Old Calendarist demonstrators blasted Christodoulos for approving the visit by "the unremorseful arch-heretic pope," from whom they demanded an apology for Vatican sins.
Undivided" and unremorseful, as Carlson portrays her, Beatrice has lost the power to distinguish between the allegorical truth of her innocence and the literal truth of her guilt: she earnestly believes that God "shaped" the assassins for her father's destruction.
Henry Miller greets the Beat generation, Kerouac especially, as not so secret sharers in his own unremorseful status as the shock-horror figure of bohemianism, sex, and European expatriation, both in the Tropics books (1934, 1939) and The AirConditioned Nightmare (1945).
How many times their paramount chiefs have to be slaughtered like chickens in that abattoir called Abyei under their hapless watch, how longer is the time for patience or veiled cowardice to pay and how many more cheeks remaining for them they the nine Ngok Dinka chiefdoms in Abyei to turn for unremorseful slapping?
Chris has been portrayed as uncaring, dishonest and unremorseful.
Wilson wrote, "we are terrified by the prospect of innocent people being gunned down at random, without warning, and almost without motive, by youngsters who afterwards show us the blank, unremorseful face of a feral, pre-social being.
The jury's decision asks us collectively to turn away from an unremorseful murderer and to channel our hope back into the community.
According to Politico, he pardoned an unremorseful Brooklyn sub-prime portage scammer named Isaac Toussie, 36, along with a group of others who had asked for their names to be cleared by the outgoing president.