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Legally, nursing homes may face an explicit responsibility to continue to provide unremunerative services to a resident that converts to Medicaid after entering the nursing home.
Sir Brian said: 'The majority of these provisions are in respect of measures which have to be taken in the UK to address the continuing high losses in carbon steel being incurred due to weak UK demand and a growing and unsustainable level of unremunerative exports.
Families that are dirt poor are obliged to find some activity, however menial or unremunerative, in order to survive.
In another article entitled "Organization of Unremunerative Industry," (16) although she commends Octavia Hill in her missionary work, Simcox concludes that charitable organizations are not enough to provide appropriate employment for women.
The Government does announce the minimum support prices to provide a floor to the market during the harvest period when due to seasonal glut market prices tend to fall to unremunerative levels.
She has given up writing unremunerative poetry to write "silly stories," denying herself to provide luxuries for a neurotic sister-in-law and pretty, selfish nieces.
They also feel that the business as unremunerative as the commission paid by the corporations for handling this business is nominal and does not even cover their overheads.
The court declared that "cashing each check contributed to the growth and prosperity of each preceding mail fraud by creating value out of an otherwise unremunerative enterprise.
The emphasis will be on efficiency and the development of human resources, which are interlinked in the sense that educational and vocational investment by the government may now be expected to produce economic returns rather than relying on public sector employment to provide economically unremunerative jobs.
Naturally, selected engagements may be accepted on a less-than-normal fee basis (for example, in order to break into a new practice area), but no world-class finn will survive as such if it routinely accepts unremunerative assignments or dilutes the professionalism of its work product to match a low level of expected remuneration.
It is unlikely that investors knew from the very beginning that turnpike stock would be unremunerative.
The farmer still gets an unremunerative price which is many times lower than the market price at which the produce is sold to the consumer.