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But JR Hokkaido left the defect unrepaired, and investigators have since discovered it was 37 mm wider after the accident.
c) Insurance- Marine insurance Measure of indemnity in respect of claims for unrepaired damage to a ship caused by a peril insured against a Marine Hull Policy of Insurance Dual valuation clause in Insurance Policy-- -Total loss, constructive total loss or partial loss Manner of measuring the indemnity Principles.
These unrepaired issues are potentially hazardous for used car buyers and other vehicles sharing the road.
Letters bemoaning unrepaired potholes in an alleyway in block 19537 are just about the most interesting read most days.
Leaving any such platen damage (and resulting loss of parallelism) unrepaired risks mold flashing and further tool damage.
He came back after the specified time to find his car outside on the street and unrepaired.
Six women had unrepaired fistulas, nine incompletely repaired and 17 repaired.
But what about the roads that go unpaved or the bridges that go unrepaired, many of them in the southern part of the state--far away from Chandler's domain--in order to plow the roads for skiers more?
The main entrance to reception is very uninviting with unrepaired stonework, old doors, absence of refurbished flooring, dirty windows, poorly painted railings and a one bulb light above the entrance.
DAMAGED speed cameras will be left unrepaired and fewer drivers prosecuted for using mobile phones while driving, due to spending cuts.
I AM sick and tired of two BT telephone boxes situated on Benton Road near Cragside which have been vandalised for three months and still remain unrepaired by BT.
In Coventry the pothole problem has been widely reported in the Telegraph, with many roads being left unrepaired for years.